in ways you didn’t even think were possible

Resolve your workforce challenges

Work with us today and experience a revolutionary approach to recruitment collaboration. Let us be the bridge that transforms your hiring process into a strategic advantage.

Why work with filipinos?

Skilled Workforce
Strong and Meticulous Work Ethic
Extensive Work Experience
Cultural Compatibility and Adaptability
English Proficiency
Cost-Effective Solutions
Global Perspective
Government Support
Low Attrition Rate
Proven Success Stories
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The process how we work

Work with us today and experience a revolutionary approach to recruitment collaboration. Let us be the bridge that transforms your hiring process into a strategic advantage.


The client may inquire through various channels: form, e-mail, and phone.

Personal Consultation at the Company

A scheduled consultation at the client's company aims to understand organizational culture, job requirements, and necessary qualifications.

Offer and Documentation

Upon mutual agreement, a preliminary contract is drafted and signed by both parties.

Detailed Job Description Creation

Collaborates with the client to create a detailed job description, outlining responsibilities, qualifications, and other pertinent details.

Recruitment Process

Optimizing recruitment process in partnering with the Philippine agency.


Shortlisted candidates undergo through interviews to assess their skills, experience, and cultural fit with the client's organization.

Selection & Pre-Contract

The client will be assisted in the final selection of candidates and facilitating pre-contract negotiations.

Visa and Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Processing

After selection, we handle visa applications and coordinate with POLO for compliance.

Client Communication

We ensure continuous communication, updating clients on candidate progress, visa processing, and other key developments.

Arrival Coordination

We will coordinate candidates' arrival, managing travel, airport pick-ups, and initial accommodations for a seamless transition.

On-site Orientation

After arrival, we'll conduct on-site orientation, familiarizing candidates with client policies, the work environment, and local regulations.


We conduct follow-up assessments to ensure candidates seamlessly integrate into the client's organization, making adjustments or providing support as needed.


Service package includes

Client Needs Assessment

Job Description Development

Talent Sourcing

Pre-screening and Shortlisting

Interview Coordination

Logistical Support

Contract Negotiation

Onboarding Support

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*Based on our experience with Filipino workers, in the very unlikely event that they leave or are unfit for their work, we undertake to provide a substitute worker free of charge.


Our team

Resolve your workforce challenges in ways you didn’t even think were possible.

Mihály Rege

CEO & Founder

Noémi Miklós

Recruiting Manager Hungary

Hania Magnate

Recruiting Manager Philippines
Frequently asked questions

In the Philippines, there is a decades-long tradition of working abroad. And we recognize the exceptional skills, work ethic, and adaptability of Filipino workers. The Philippines has a rich pool of talented individuals across various industries, making it an ideal source for meeting the diverse needs of Hungarian companies. And more importantly, there is a separate government office responsible for coordinating foreign workers, overseeing the process of employment, and accrediting employers.

We specialize in bridging the gap between Hungarian businesses and skilled Filipino workers. Our services include sourcing, screening, and facilitating the recruitment and relocation process to ensure a seamless hiring experience.

The process involves initial consultation, job profiling, candidate sourcing, pre-screening, interviews, final selection, visa and POLO processing, and other logistics necessary up until the arrival and on-boarding of the hired workers in Hungary. We manage all aspects of recruitment to make the process efficient and hassle-free for our clients.

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